What shipment?


1) uploaded to the web platform (we send link after registration):

1.1. A memory of the project in .pdf and DIN A4 format that must include:

o State-of-the-art.
o Report justifying the project (reasoned explanation of the project).
o Technical report (applied methodology, materials used, manufacturing drawings, assembly method, calculations, etc.).
o Budget.

1.2. Two DIN A1 panels in pdf (and paper sent via postal) form with the explanation of the project structured in the following way:

o A first panel of a technical character, which graphically explains the design.
o A second panel of formal character, which shows conceptually the advantages of the submitted design.

1.3. Files with all 3D models in neutral format (step, iges…)

1.4. Files *.stl and *.gcode of the elements to be prototyped.

2) sent via postal to following address:

E.T.S. de Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial
Ronda de Valencia, 3
28012 Madrid, Spain
Att: Fernando Blaya / Silvia Nuere

2.1. CD, DVD or USB pendrive with all generated files: drawings, diagrams, sketches, analyses, renderings, images, videos…

2.2 Two DIN A1 panels in paper.

2.3. Affidavit duly signed.



1. Prototype of the Design. It will be optional, but its presentation will be valued in remarkable way.